"Nurturing Hair, Nurturing Confidence"


Experience the INFRA™ Transformation

The INFRA™ Flat Iron is more than just a hair styling tool—it's a tribute to the beauty of scientific innovation. It's time to treat your hair to the protective care of infrared heating, the smoothing prowess of tourmaline ceramic, and the precision of PTC technology. Elevate your styling experience with INFRA™, where every glide is a step towards healthier, more beautiful hair.



Unlock the secret to healthier, more radiant styling with our advanced infrared technology. Say goodbye to damage and hello to effortless beauty. Experience the gentle touch of innovation, designed just for you. It's time to shine!

Full Product Abstract


Discover the power of two-inch tourmaline ceramic plates – the secret to flawless styling. Our advanced plates heat evenly, glide effortlessly, and lock in moisture, ensuring your hair remains healthy, damage-free, and brilliantly shiny. Say goodbye to the hassles and hello to salon-quality results, all at your fingertips. Embrace effortless beauty!


Versatile Styling


  • Global Usage

    INFRA™ gives you the freedom to express your style wherever you go. Our globally compatible products ensure that you can style your hair confidently, no matter the destination.

  • Smart Power Outage

    Step into a world of worry-free styling. Our product comes with built-in power protection, guarding against unexpected fluctuations or outages. Your beauty, your safety – perfectly intertwined for your peace of mind

  • PTC Fast Heat Up

    Experience the future of effortless styling with our PTC Technology. Say goodbye to long waiting times as our product heats up to your desired temperature in just one minute. Beauty and convenience, all in the blink of an eye.

Before & After


Finally found a wide-plated straightener which is saving a lot of my time as I can straighten large chunks of my hair. And it works with one stroke! I love how fast it heats up and I'm excited about the red light since I've heard it promotes hair growth. Also, so happy it doesn't flatten out my hair like other straighteners. Simple but efficient.

Hiba (verified customer)

Really works well without damaging my hair.

Linda Mack (verified customer)

I don’t really know much about these things but I was looking for a nice gift for my mother and when I gave it to her she really loved it. The packaging with all that black made it look very luxurious, I highly recommend this to people looking for a gift to get for the special women in their life.

Farhad Marzook (verified customer)

The shape, feel, size, and heat setting of the straightener are all carefully thought out and makes the use of the straightener really easy and leaves the hair with a smooth finish. It straightens and curls the hair perfectly. I love how it can be used for all hair types and the straightener feels luxurious to use.

Manal (verified customer)

Best straightener

Julie (verified customer)

I personally don't like to use heat on my hair especially since I have fine hair. But honestly this hair product is a game changer I used it yesterday on my hair and it literally took me 5 minutes to get that flawless bouncy curls that I can't achieve with other straighteners. It's so user friendly and the performance is amazing! Curls lasted all night long and my hair looked shiny and smooth. I highly recommend to others!! It's one of the best hair tools I have used. I always struggled doing curls with straighteners and would get bumps but with this product, it was silky and smooth! I am impressed!

Anum (verified customer)

I was honored to be able to try Infra’s original hair straightener when it was released and it did a good job. When I saw that it cuts out the damage, I just had to try it for myself, and I have to say I am pleased with it.

It’s a hair straightener that produces splendid results. Like, really, really good results. I was incredibly pleased with how easy it is to use. The previous product didn’t really damage my hair to begin with but this actually FELT different using it. And, the results speak for themselves. I believe this product is worth it; use it properly and you’ll see phenomenal results.

Abdullah Akram (verified customer)

Frizziness seems to disappear when I straighten with this. Most importantly, I love how I can adjust the temperature according to my needs and how it's able to protect my hair from major heat damage. It's lightweight and travel friendly while still being able a decent size and it heats up quickly

Mahveen (verified customer)

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